Beminate juggling animator

The beminate juggling animator is as far as I know the first released animator to be designed for the beatmap pattern description language. It has a project page with stuff on it.

Questions? Email the responsible party.

Why beatmap?

Good: It can fully describe every pattern that can be completely represented by a ladder diagram with notes of what else is happening in the pattern at each time, which is to say it can fully describe every pattern.

Bad: In order to write an animator that captures most of this power, you'll probably end up needing to push as much complexity as is in all the various sorts of siteswap into a Key description language that describes what each manipulator is for.

I wrote it despite this bad point because it was fun, and there are some cases where I find thinking in beatmap easier than thinking in the relevant dialects of siteswap.

How do I use it?

At the moment, the process goes like this. It should get simpler reasonably soon.

  1. Be a nerd (not completely neccesary, but probably helpful)
  2. Have python, yapps and pygtk working nicely
  3. Checkout the source: svn co
  4. cd into the beminate directory
  5. run make
  6. run

Undying gratitude

SourceForge - they're groovy.